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At The Gallery / Untelling Tales by Kwiis Hamilton + Michaela Gilbert

April 17 @ 12:00 pm - May 30 @ 5:00 pm PDT

April 17th – May 30th 2024, Massy Arts will host, Untelling Tales, a new group show by Indigenous artists Kwiis Hamilton, and Michaela Gilbert.

The exhibition unites the thought-provoking works of Indigenous artists Kwiis Hamilton and Michaela Gilbert in an exploration of identity, memory, and representation. Hamilton’s series “Making room for thought” blurs the boundaries between word and image, history and aesthetics, offering a visual montage that delves into the complexities of Sto:lo and Nuuchahnulth identities. Through their intergenerational lens, Hamilton challenges viewers to confront societal norms and engage with Indigenous narratives on a deeper level, sparking critical inquiry and social reflection.

In contrast, Michaela Gilbert’s “tales from the rez” presents a deeply personal reflection on life within Indigenous reserves, disrupting romanticized depictions of Indigenous identity. With each stroke of the brush, Gilbert reconstructs shared stories and everyday experiences, expanding the boundaries of Canadian Indigenous art. Through their distinct yet interconnected approaches, Hamilton and Gilbert invite audiences to reconsider conventional storytelling methods, offering a poignant exploration of Indigenous existence that resonates with authenticity and depth.

This project is supported by the British Columbia Arts Council.

The Massy Arts Gallery is located at 23 East Pender Street in Chinatown, Vancouver.
The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm to 5pm.
Entrance is free, and masks are mandatory.

To contact the gallery, send an email to: info@massyarts.com.

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Kwiis Hamilton’s goal is to express his values and to tell modern and traditional stories though the creation of well-made objects. His current works explore the idea of education as a practice of freedom, connection, isolation, belonging, and understanding. Identifying his place in the systems of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy he hopes to gain personal clarity and the power to encourage the end of all forms of oppression and domination. Kwiis hopes to shed light on obsolete systems of domination and to inspire critical thinking and radical expression of healthy, educated, safe, and joy filled community and a shared sense of belonging rooted in self-location and a strong spiritual identity.

Michaela Gilbert is a Secwepemc artist from the Williams Lake First Nation in British Columbia. Currently, her fascination lies in the enduring strength and resilience inherent in Indigenous cultures. She questions societal perceptions of Indigenous identity, challenging and redefining embedded narratives. This fascination and inquiry manifest in her work as a celebration of the ordinary, the daily rituals, and the profound connections that define Indigenous life. Beyond exploring indigenous livelihood, my research extends to ideas of world-building in film and photography, delving into themes of transformation, identity in characters, and the vibrant world of colour With oil paint as her primary medium, she brings her ideas to life through the use of vivid colours and thoughtfully constructed narratives

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April 17 @ 12:00 pm PDT
May 30 @ 5:00 pm PDT