Jocelyne Junker photograph. A hand holds a paintbrush in front of a dark velvet curtain.


Massy Books
229 East Georgia


Oct 23 2020 - Nov 24 2020


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Jocelyne Junker: The Artist Beheads Her Muse (Exhibition)


Featuring new bodies of work, The Artist Beheads Her Muse confronts the fluctuating constructions of parasocial relationships – an audience’s mediated encounter with public figures in mass media. Created during times of intense isolation, these photographs and paintings confuse the responsibilities associated with myth-making and archiving that surround public perception. Deliberate interchanging of subject and object replicate the harmful tendencies that come with the idolization of public figures. Junker implicates the personal, solitary experience of watching others from afar, and how the mystification of people expands as our own personhood is built up in new realms. Junker’s poised imagery speaks to the history of portraiture, where the affluent had the ability to commission a narrative of their liking to be introduced into the world, and it’s evolution into the massive proliferation of images we are witness to today.
Jocelyne Junker is a Metis artist born in Saskatchewan. Her practice explores how photography can become entangled in performative gestures that affect the formulation and construction self identity. Through photography she engages in the questioning of representation and identity in the public sphere.⁣