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Alexandra Morton: The Fight to Save Wild Salmon

Come hear biologist and activist Alexandra Morton discuss her new book, NOT ON MY WATCH, where she tells the story of her 30-year fight against big business and government corruption to save British Columbia’s wild salmon.

Artist talk with Nicholas Tay

 “I used to feel that being Chinese Canadian was akin to being lost between houses of separated parents, or being an alien guest of a gracious host. Through the exploration of my art, I have found that both cultures are truly at home in me and in my work.”

Book Summit 2021

2020 was a year that shook the world, challenging the way we work, how we reach customers, and publishers’, booksellers’, and libraries’ roles in the community. What should we take from the year’s upheavals, and how can we adapt and be more resilient going forward?

Aaniya Asrani: Temporary Resident

The tongue of my ancestors is Sindhi, I can’t learn it anymore. My mother tongue is Hindi, I can’t write it very well. My father tongue is Kannada, I can’t read it at all. My tongue is the colonizers, I can’t cut it off.   Aaniya Asrani July 12 - August 29, 2021 in the …