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Massy Interviews / Vitória Monteiro + Hân Phạm + Paige Smith + Kaila Bhullar

To celebrate Digital Interventions, Massy Arts presents a conversation between artists Vitória Monteiro, Hân Phạm, Paige Smith, and Kaila Bhullar, addressing the expanding presence of technologies and complexity within digital spaces in contemporary life, particularly in terms of the distribution of knowledge.

Opening Reception / Plastopia + Digital Interventions P2

Tuesday, June 14 at 6pm, Massy Arts hosts an opening reception for the upcoming exhibitions Plastopia by Yeonmi Kim, and Digital Interventions - a group show by Kaila Bhullar, Debbie C, Sena Cleave, kathy feng, Vitória Monteiro, Hân Phạm, and Paige Smith.

Massy Interviews / Michael Hathaway

To celebrate Michael Hathaway's book launch, Rafael Zen interviews him for Massy Arts, discussing mushrooms as one of the scientific zeitgeists of the 21st century, and how Western sciences have promoted a human-and-animal-centric framework of what counts as action, agency, movement, and behavior.

Book Launch / What a Mushroom Lives For by Michael Hathaway

On Wednesday, June 15 at 6pm, join Massy Arts, Massy Books, and researcher and professor Michael Hathaway for the launch of his new book: "What a Mushroom Lives For: Matsutake And the Worlds They Make" (Princeton University Press, 2022).

Online Panel / Métis Now: Elders, Artists and Activists

On Thursday, June 16 at 6pm (PST), join Massy Arts, Massy Books, and Métis artist Nevada Christianson for an online panel discussion inspired by her latest book: “Métis Now: Elders, Artists, and Activists” (2022, Hemlock Press). At the event, Christianson will be joined by Denise McCuaig, Jana Schulz, and Lynette La Fontaine.

Massy Interviews / Lynette La Fontaine

To celebrate the online panel "Métis Now: Elders, Artists and Activists", Rafael Zen interviews Métis artist Lynette La Fontaine for Massy Arts, questioning why it is important for emerging artists to maintain culture/knowledge systems and pass on to future generations.

Book Launch / Abalone Woman by Teoni Spathelfer

On Saturday, June 18 at 2pm, join Heritage House, Massy Books, and author Teoni Spathelfer for the Vancouver launch of Abalone Woman, the third book in the Little Wolf series.

Massy Interviews / Teoni Spathelfer

To celebrate Teoni Spathelfer's vision on children's literature and approach to First Nations and Indigenous storytelling, Rafael Zen interviews the writer for Massy Books, discussing how it feels to write about cultural heritage, racism, trauma, and family unity.

Virtual Workshop Marathon / Chasing The Poem – Second Edition

From June 28 to July 5, Massy Arts and Massy Books host a virtual poetry workshop marathon for emerging writers, in three courses created by published Indigenous poets to demystify poetry writing, to present useful writing prompts, to incite imagination, and to address political and linguistic points of view through poetic literature.

Massy Interviews / Jenn Ashton

To celebrate the new edition of Chasing The Poem, Rafael Zen interviews Jenn Ashton for Massy Arts, asking if everyone can be a poet - and discussing how the choice of words can help authors to write more powerful poems.

Massy Interviews / Michelle Poirier Brown

To celebrate the second edition of Chasing The Poem, Rafael Zen interviews Michelle Poirier Brown for Massy Arts, investigating poetry that “beads with blood", and how poets can break habits in the way they situate themselves in relation to their poetic work.