Poems to Keep You (Un)Safe by Rabbit Richards & BeWyrd

On Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm, join Massy Arts and Massy Books in celebrating the poetry of Rabbit Richards and BeWyrd with the event “Poetry to Keep You (Un)Safe” at Massy Arts Gallery, hosted by Mitcholos Touchie.

About the poets

Rabbit Richards is learning how to exist on stolen land in a marginalized body. Relentlessly compassionate with fierce integrity, Rabbit is passionate about anti-oppression and accessibility work and is deeply invested in the conversations that are provoked by their art.

Currently they serve as Systems Change Coordinator at PACE Society here in k’emk’emaláy, commonly known as the downtown eastside of Vancouver BC, where they focus on harm reduction within community care.

alt text for Rabbit’s Photo Double exposure of Rabbit, a fat Black person with incisive dark eyes, unsmiling at the camera. They are wearing a denim buttondown shirt and have their hair shaved at the sides and in twists on top. They are seen amidst clusters of orange blooms. Photo by @soft.kaur.

BeWyrd is a slam poet based in Tio’tia:ke (aka Montréal).In 2023, he won the Quebec Writer’s Federation Ian Ferrier Spoken Word Award. He has performed slam poetry across Canada and he represented the Throw! Poetry Collective in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) in 2012 and 2013. He provides workshops about poetry and performance to learners of all ages in English and French. Since 2018, he has been the President of the Throw! Poetry Collective which showcases competitive yet friendly bilingual poetry slams once a month.You can find him on TwitterInstagram & Youtube.His poetry can be read on his website bewyrd.ca

alt text for BeWyrd’s Photo Profile picture of BeWyrd outside on a sunny day. He is wearing a hat with a tartan pattern and red glasses. The glasses cast a red glow on his face. He is wearing a button-down shirt covered in colourful flowers and round, white earrings. He is staring off into the distance and there is a brick wall behind him. Photo by BeWyrd.

About the host

Mitcholos Touchie

name(s): mitcholos (rhymes with nicholas). łapḥsp̓at̓unakʔi łim̓aqsti (a mind with wings)peoples: yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (ucluelet) x nuučaan̓uɫ (nuu-chah-nulth-ath)treatyd or untreatyd: treatyd under maa-nulth treaty (2011)
in 2015, mitcholos debuted as a poet at the talking stick festival, in two their shows ‘indigenuity’ and ‘from talking stick to microphone’. honoring up-and-coming native artists, and combining native poets with native musicians.
in 2017, mitcholos graduated the spoken word program at the banff centre for creativity and arts. in the same year they were made a poet of honor as a ‘rising voice’ at the canadian festival of spoken word. in that same year still, they had twice hosted ‘the mixolos mitchtape live’, showcasing 8 mystery artists all debuting collaborative pieces.
in 2018, mitcholos competed in poetry slam, advancing as one of the team members representing vancouver poetry slam. then alongside kay kassirer – rabbit richards – and jaye simpson – advanced further to the finals stage; their team placing 3rd in the country. that same year, they were invited to mai — montréal, arts interculturels — to host a third mixolos mitchtape live, featuring debut collaborations again, this time with fellow graduates of banff’s spoken word program
in 2021, mitcholos wrote a poem for the short film ‘johnny crow’ directed by xstine cook, and illustrated by jesse gouchey. the film is still circulating film festivals, receiving awards, and is available to stream on cbcgem
for more of mitcholos’ and their poetry, their youtube channel is under the username @meowcholos
mitcholos is trans, čiiskʷaał (non-binary), and uses they/ them/ theirs pronouns. they are a poet — łapḥsp̓at̓unakʔi łim̓aqsti