Watch: The Bridge Book Launch with Keith Maillard

Author Keith Maillard is hosted by Lynne Quarmby and joined by special guests Andrea Bennett, Edward Carson, Lee Shedden and Debbie Willis for the launch of ‘The Bridge’, published by Freehand Books.

About the Bridge:

As a child, Keith Maillard asked his mother and grandmother, over and over again, “Am I a boy, or am I a girl?” Neither “boy” nor “girl” quite fit. But there were no other options.

In this stunning memoir, Maillard creates an intricate collage of childhood memories, exploring the contradictory and destructive forces at work that put his very life at risk. For young Keith, writing proved to be a way to fight against what the world was telling him. In his scribbled stories, he began to spot the faintest glimmer that things could be different. And he kept fighting for years — decades — until he found a new understanding of his own nonbinary identity.

The Bridge reveals the dangers of the gender binary, both for those who are outside it and for those who aren’t. And it offers hope for a kinder future for all who dare to say “no” to the way that we do gender.

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